Server Service Interruption and Happy Holidays!

Hello everyone!

New Server Status: Frosted Igloo Server

Our current service provider for our game server OVH is no longer supporting windows operating system which means they will be unable to run the AoP FOnline server. Unfortunately, I have been slacking off on that department and have not come up with a suitable provider use so the server may go down for a extended period of time. So the estimated time of service interruption may be 0 to 1 month, for that I want to apologize to the few players still playing the game! A big issue currently is that I live in North America. While I can setup a server local to me, it is not so great for most of our player based in Europe and I have no idea which companies there are in Europe or Russia. Perhaps I should of seriously asked for help earlier! 

To dispel any rumors of AoP being dead, well personally, I have no intention of quitting, we've been working with a small staff since launch and we've done a reasonable amount of work with what we had. The holidays have really kept me away from AoP which is apparent by the lack of weekly updates we've been doing since the launch. Furthermore, we've been working on multiple larger features which I've briefly spoken about in random parts of the forum. I'll go into detail about them in the dev corner when it is rolled out.

Finally, I want to thank everyone that gives a damn about what we've done and are doing! You guys are awesome and clearly have great taste :^).

Wish you all happy holidays, let's make 2015 a good year!

Oh, no wipe planned, hopefully I did a proper job of saving all the server data.