PvP event 08.11.2014

Hello everyone

though on short notice, I'm thrilled to announce a little free-for-all event at around 8pm CET.

We'll be using a slightly modified good old Junktown map and for those who have played our DM before, there will be a couple of twists:

- Everyone will spawn randomly at the outskirts of the map in bluesuit and will not be assigned to a team
- Gear will be found in every container around the place and has to be scavenged
- Skills will not be affected, so bring your strongest (and probably most versatile) character
- There wont be any reputation penalties, though we might play around with Bounty a bit
- Since it's an FFA event, names might or might not be hidden

- There might or might not be certain points of interest on the map (PA)

In any case, if this turns out to be as much fun as we hope it to be, more of such events with different mechancs will follow in the future.

Reminder: Server port is back to 4000