Ashes of Pripyat

I'm working on S.T.A.L.K.E.R DLC for Ashes of Pripyat and I need some graphics, the coding is mostly done so its not all hype no delivery.

The graphics can be stolenbartered for or home made, I'll write a little description on what they are in case you haven't played any of the STALKER games.

Here's the list of assets I need to make the up coming DLC look good.

Burner - Fire pillar or column, 1 hex in size.
Vortex - Animation of inverse shockwave, about 6 hexes in wide.
Whirligig - Animation of tornado or upwards force, 1~3 hexes in wide.
Electro - Random electrical outburst, 1~3 hexes, should be layerable.
Gas cloud - Clouds of gas, should be layerable.
Microwave - About a 3 second buildup animation that ends with a hot ball of something forming, about 4~6 hexes wide.

Also if you can find some nice artifact ground image / inventory images that'd be cool too, preferably for the ground image: floating a bit off the ground and animated. I'll probably be pulling most artifacts from http://stalker.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_artifacts to start with.

Cheeki Breeki

UPDATE 10-11-16:
The ground and inventory images for the artifacts are done, don't need anymore. Thanks Razor "magic missile" Ramon.