Launched: April 29
Updater play.fonline-aop.net:4040
We apologize for our amateur hour and shattered dreams.

As all of you know, there is a wipe fast approaching. Over the past year and a half we have made an innumerable amount of changes from where we started, and don't intend to stop that ethic moving forward. It is because of that though that we are going to give a soft estimated time for the wipe on April 29th.
We decided that the time we're most comfortable with is 6PM CET (1 PM east, 12 PM central), which might be a bit late for some we understand. Let's be honest, we're not quite sure at the moment, just expect it in the late afternoon. We have been making some pretty big changes over the past few days and we want to make sure that they are completed before we open the floodgates and begin the carnage.

Thanks to those of you who stuck with us, aided us in testing and in content, and those of you who will be joining us in the next session. Now shed some blood.

Updated Client Links:

Client without master/critter (650mb):

"The kurwa is off the charts" -cirn 2016

You know, we know.

The current gameplay will be changed ASAP.

This includes bringing back the meta from last season minus the "tier3" by bumping up the tec level from tier 5 to tier 9, the faction joining wont require any level and hopefully all xp and caps exploits will be fixed.

Next up, the already written framework for event scheduling will be put to use and applied to all dungeons and upper levels.

In mid May, the outpost feature will be rolled out, allowing platoons to build their own custom base with fortifications as showcased here

The outpost feature will be leading up to the faction annihilation which will come afterwards.

Over the course of that happening, more dungeons, caves and upper levels will gradually be added into the core, as well as the world map.