The Family

The Family was established in Phoenix way before the rumor was spread into the Wastes. More than 20 years ago, they occupied an hotel at the East of the city, where nature was more generous. There, they made a lot of profit for a long period, hiding the source of their wealth to the travelers. Based on something close to south Italian mafia family values, Family members constitute an united group who considers honor and business as pillars of its organization. They have no second thoughts about weakness and take any occasion to wipe someone if the conditions are fulfilled. They also take any occasion to get rich and thus, all traffics are always considered legal. The prevailing motto is the ‘rule of the Smartest’. They consider their headquarters as a sanctuary that must be protected at any cost, and violence is prohibited inside. They can offer help if they can earn something out of it, but mistakes are not tolerated. Honor is considered essential and any offense will be washed in blood. There is no place for useless emotions among them, at least when interacting with the Wasteland. The Family is leaded by the Godfather, a mysterious charismatic man. With his henchman, The Right Hand, he dictates the rules of the Family, for the greater interests of its members.

Q&A with the Family Ambassador

  • Who are you?
We're the Family, the most ancient master of Phoenix. Long ago we came from Queen Valley to reconquer what was rightfully ours, and we kept the city running for more than twenty years. We guided travelers across the region during that time, until the Rumor spread across the Wasteland. Then impostors attacked and claimed our land. We are now recruiting new brothers and sisters to join the Family and take our revenge. Our leader, the Godfather, sent us here for that purpose.
  • What are the family rules?
Simple. Always defend your mates, be respectful with the elders and always do your job as efficiently as possible. There is no room for soft thoughts. If you don't act as a true Family member, you'll be replaced sooner than later. If you manage to get that far, that is. The Family is always evolving, and it won't wait for you. You need to be clever, or strong. Finally, when you'll be crossing a filthy member of the Jim & Jack & Jo Lawyer Agency, you'll shoot him on sight. We're not kidding with those people. They need to die.
  • Where is the Family living?
We live in a vast hotel called the Family Palace. In the past we used to keep it opened for travelers, but time has passed and we now have to keep its location secret. You'll go there with the next caravan, if you agree to join. Only then, will you see it with your own eyes.
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