Ashes of Phoenix character revisions part 1

Hello everyone!

While we advance further in the development, here is some information about the changes we made to the mechanics concerning the characters you’re going to play. There are quite a lot, so we’ll overview them step by step. To understand very clearly the next bunch of lines, you must know well how FOnline and Fallout mechanics work.


Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck are preserved, but their fields of actions have been deeply modified. Here are some examples:

  • Strength has a strong influence on your basic HP amount and your healing rate. It also determines your weapon drops and knockouts resistances during combats.
  • Perception still determines your sight range, but it has been highly extended. A character with high perception is now able to see at up to 80 hexes away. Perception also impacts your hit chance for long range shots and for aimed shots, your eye cripple resistance, your sneak and traps detection.
  • Endurance impacts your basic HP amount and your healing rate as usual, but also knockouts duration, arms and legs cripple resistances, radiation and poison resistances…
  • Charisma will impact a new skill called Leadership (we’ll talk about that one later) among many other things around the game’s world.
  • Intelligence still impacts the number of skill points you gain per level, but now also improves your critical chance.
  • Agility impacts your armor class, your healing rate and your action points regeneration.
  • Luck impacts your critical chance along with intelligence, but also bonuses for aimed shots, your critical resistance and your armor class.
Basically, we diversified the applications of the SPECIAL stats. Each one is impacting different mechanics and formulas, so that your choices at character creation will be difficult. Everything will be important, and your choices will hopefully be based more on your personal tastes than on an optimized formula.

Other stats

Hit Points: a character will start his adventures with around 200 HP’s. At high level, he should reach 300 and more. To die, you have to reach -100 HP’s. Between 0 and -100, you’re comatose and so, unable to perform any action. These values aren’t exactly meaningful for now, until we’ll overview the weaponry.

Armor class: the armor class will basically help you to avoid single shots when running from cover to cover, by reducing your enemies’ effective range. The effective range is the range in which someone can decently shoot and hit a target with a weapon. We’ll see that more in detail in a future article.

Action points: every player will have 100 actions points to spend at any moment. Every action costs AP’s and you regenerate your AP bar as time passes: faster when you stand still, slower when you move. The speed of the regeneration when you’re moving is depending on your agility value.

Carry weight: the limit of CW is larger than before. Every character is able to carry enough stuff, at least for himself. Your carry weight maximum value, determined by your strength, doesn’t prevent you from grabbing more stuff. When you exceed it, you get different maluses, the worst being unable to run until you drop enough stuff.

Damage resistance: coming along with armors and some perks, this stat works roughly as usual, as Damage threshold does.

Poison and Radiation resistances: these stats work roughly as usual and help you avoid a part of the poison and radiation doses you receive during your travels and fights.

Bleed resistance: this is a brand new statistic, replacing the old Sequence. Some weapons deal Bleed damage, wounds that require bandages and a proper treatment to be healed.

Healing rate: the speed of your natural body regeneration. You should be able to regenerate fast enough to get back on your feet during some fights, if you have been knocked out but not killed.

Critical chance: criticals have been entirely reworked. You’ll get more details soon, but for now we can already say that criticals have been designed to happen more often, but with less powerful consequences. New critical effects have been implemented too.

So, that seems already a good start! We’ll come back soon to talk about skills and perks. On the blog page ‘About the game‘, you’ll find a general FAQ which will certainly answer a lot of your questions.