Jim & Jack & Joe Lawyer Agency

Jim & Jack & Jo Lawyer Agency is the first faction which joined the city from the outside. Coming from the West a few years ago, this organization managed to break into a locked prewar high-tech facility. They settled down inside since then, calling the place the ‘Cradle of Justice’ and starting to increase their influence around the region. Lawyers, as their members are called, are organized around the Law, some ‘Codex of Behavior’ on which every new member swears allegiance and obedience. Relentless, often racist, against all form of debauchery, Lawyers are fanatics who believe they ARE the Law. No one can teach them any lesson as their arrogance is tremendously high. According to them, everyone who isn’t Lawyer is as worthy as common cattle. Nevertheless, hypocrisy is rampant among Lawyers. They are often the first to breach their own rules if it can bring them profit. They never recognize their mistakes, and look away on command. Only a few of them really believe in their own doctrine. For the others, it’s only a good way to dominate the weak and keep a noble face regardless of their actions. Directed by Jim, Jack and Jo, the New Lords of Lawyers, this totally corrupted and unpredictable organization kills at will, and most of the time with the ‘Right’ to do so.

Q&A with the Lawyer Ambassador

  • Who are you guys?
We're the Jim & Jack & Jo Lawyer Agency. We've join the conquest of Phoenix in order to achieve our great mission: restore the Order to the Wasteland. That means purifying those that transgress the Law. We arrived recently, but we already showed our determination and power.
  • What are the agency rules?
Our group is organized around the Codex of the Law. If you agree to join, you'll have to swear on the tome that you'll always follow its rules. You'll learn them, and then you'll teach them to others. By force if necessary. If you do well, you might even get some compensation in the process. That how we reward people dedicating themselves to the Law. And if you meet a Family Member, don't hesitate and attack first. Those snakes only deserve to be shot.
  • Where is the Agency operating from?
We operate from the Cradle of Justice. This is a high-tech facility, worth of our proud organization. There, our Judges enounce laws, engineers produce weapons and servants execute their sentence. That's how things have to go. If you decide to join us, you'll gain the opportunity to serve the Law from there too.
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