Open Beta Announcement & Game Features

Hello everyone!January 10th, 2014What does Ashes of Phoenix have to offer?game description and FAQA new region of the Fallout world to exploreover there.

An advanced system of factions and reputation

Four factions are ready to strike and can be joined by players. Two of them, the Jim & Jack & Joe Lawyer Agency and The Family, have been introduced alreadyA completely reworked character system

  • The SPECIAL system has been preserved, though modified so that every characteristic impacts other stats way more than how it used to do. Dropping one stat to 1 has now more severe consequences to carefully consider, and optimizing your character now depends more on your taste than just applying a known recipe.
  • The Action points
  • Skills have been reworked and are now divided in three categories:
    1. Combat Skills: Small Guns, Big Guns, Energy Weapons and Hand-to-Hand Weapons. Raising those skills increases your chance to hit your enemies, allows you to shoot farther than what the weapon initially allows, and unlocks weapons perks, bonuses applied to weapons that illustrate your increasing ability to use them efficiently.
    2. Secondary SkillsNon-combat Skills
  • . Stats that were hidden so far are now available to you for a better control and detailed view of your capacities. New stats also appeared, like the Action Point Regeneration and the Bleed Resistance, which protects you against damage-on-time abilities of many weapons.
  • All traits and perks have been reworked.

A vast equipmentover thereChallenges

The main challenge the game has to offer is of course the conquest of Phoenix. 12 of its quarters can be taken by factions and controlled over time for rewards affecting the entire faction. Two dungeons will be available at the beginning of the beta: Phoenix Archives and Hell Hole. Both require nerves of steel and strategy to be completed. Then, players will also have assignments proposed to them, different types of PvE missions adapted to their level. More info about dungeons in that post
  • A tutorial
  • A crafting system
  • A strong economy
  • The game features a completely new interface with a new Pipboy working as an intel provider as well as an encyclopedia.
  • The have been reworked to make for a more natural and dynamic experience. Raiders will roam the ruins of phoenix, packs of wild animals will be out for blood in the wastes and friendly travelers might come to your aid.
  • The game features many new graphics and models.
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